Monday, August 13, 2012

Project Refashion 52 - Week 4 (better or for worse)

Oh my.

It happened.  I knew it would, honestly.  No one has a Top 10 hit every time.

I had my first fail.

This refashion started out as a stretched out green T-shirt
I will mention, for those of you a little slow on the uptake, that I am not a size 2.  Stop laughing, y'all.  I'm not.  When I see the refashions done by most of the geniuses out there, I am reminded of the cold, hard fact that their waist is roughly half the size of my chest.  (It's true.)  Therefore, most of those easy refashions -- not limited to, but including fashioning a dress out of a man's button up shirt, and apparently the one I'm about to show you -- are not appropriate for me.

Case in point:

Wobisobi has adorable refashions.  Many are no sew options to refashion t-shirts.  Since many of my t-shirts are either stretched beyond recognition or just plain ol' too big, I figured I'd give another one a try.  I found this adorable little ditty and in a few easy cuts with my nice fabric scissors, I was left with...

A cut up green t-shirt.

Ugh.  I had originally decided to wear this to church, as I had committed this refashion crime on a Saturday evening and was singing at church the next morning.  My bestie, Nicole, couldn't understand why I wouldn't wear a green t-shirt vest.  Clearly she hadn't had the opportunity to see it yet.  Later in the week, I stopped by Nicole's house to hang out with her boys for a little while.  Nicole's husband was putting on his running shoes, looked up and said, "I'm trying to figure out what exactly it is that you're wearing there."

Defiant, crooked eyebrow, rolled eyes and sucked in cheeks.  Envision it.

I retorted that it was a failed craft project that Nicole had to witness.  I didn't immediately remove the hideous fail that was my "vest," though I probably should have.  Later, when Mr. Bestie returned from his jog, he said, "No, really.  What ARE you wearing?"

Shut up, Nicole.  I know you're laughing reading this.

"No, really.  What ARE you wearing?"

Where did the vest go?
It's that little strip of green above my waist.
Dear readers, friends, and whomever decides to stop by in the blogosphere, let me sum up refashioning in a nutshell:  If you are not a size 2, do not expect every refashion to fit your body (or dress form) the way theirs does.  You couldn't squeeze your tush in a pair of their undies without some creativity, and there's a good chance that a refashion based on their DIY instructions may require either serious creativity or 5 extra yards of fabric.

Also, if you have back fat, a refashion with an open back is not likely to be flattering.

Just sayin'.

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