Saturday, July 21, 2012

Project Refashion 52 - Week 3

I really REALLY need to make my dress form. After an exhausting attempt at pinning on myself (ridiculous) and an equally exhausting attempt at putting my vision into words for my husband to pin for me, I opted for another no sew. It's an easy way out, but what's wrong with easy?!

So I donned my refashion garment and went into the living room for my before picture. Hubby helpfully said, "you want a picture in your jammies?" Yes, yes I do.


I was going over to Nicole's to hang with a few Weight Watch Us gals to talk and kind of avoid Weight Watchers and accountability. Nicole has been, with most anything I try to do, very supportive of my refashions, so I wanted to wear this week's to her house. Before heading over there, I simply took off my pajama pants. Yup. We're that close. ;)

Actually, that oversized boat neck got pulled right down to my waist, and the sleeves tied like a sash of sorts. The result is a sweet little skirt to wear at a super casual get together.

The only change I'd make before doing it again would be to wear a slip. Apparently my striped underpants were not that little something extra this refashion needed. ;)
Week 3 AFTER!

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Chrissy said...

I love this because I have a shirt exactly like that! I think it's the same color!

I might just see if I can pull this cuteness off. Sans striped panties though. :p