Friday, December 10, 2010

Meeting #1

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010 was my first meeting (again).

I was so nervous on my way to the meeting. I knew I had worked hard this past week. I had written down everything I put in my mouth and even managed to do my elliptical once and get a 2 mile walk in. My nervousness came from being on 2 different meds for bronchitis, not being able to really exercise because of that, having my monthly visitor just ending, and then I started new fertility meds. Oh my goodness....I also had a birthday in there! So as you can see, I had a few good reasons to be a little worried.

I arrived right on time. There are always lots of people here I notice, but I think it may be because of the new program that WW just put out. People are still learning the new stuff and are a bit taken aback by it. (more on that later) I go right up to my little helper who asks me if I have my card. Ummmmm....huh? Apparently I was supposed to stop at the bar and pick it up. (Yes, my meetings are in a restaurant. Yes, I agree that is strange.) No problem though, she was going to run back and grab it for me. So nice!

Well, I get my weigh on and it seems through all of the "stuff" I have going on, I was able to drop 4.4 pounds. 4.4 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU SEE THAT??????

I earned a Bravo sticker for losing my first week on plan and then I ended up earning another Bravo sticker for sharing something I learned during the week. Something I love about the new WW plan is that on pg. 60 of the Getting Started Manual there is a chart that helps you map out your points for the day. If you are eating 29 points, it tells you how many points to eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack #1, and Snack #2. I was eating 39 points. So for Breakfast I have 7 points, Lunch 10 points, Dinner 15 points. Snack #1 3 points, and Snack #2 4 points. I love that it provides an outline.

I am really enjoying Points Plus so far. WW has revamped a lot of its old stuff and I think it is easier to follow and teaching me how to actually eat, not just telling me I can have X points for the day. I am eating healthier, smarter, and feeling better! I have a long journey yet, but I am taking it one bite at a time!

~ Cole

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Amber said...

You are amazing and are doing such an awesome job! I am so proud (and envious) of you.

Maybe I should clean out the closets and see if I can find my motivation in there somewhere. ;)