Monday, December 6, 2010

Time to Count My Blessings

Days go by so quickly. Too quickly. Sometimes it is so easy to get into a rut. Even easier to feel blue and down about where you are, what you don't have, what you have lost, and/or what is missing.

Today, though, I decided to Count My Blessings. Honestly, I just woke up like this! I woke up and looked around and said, "Today feels like a good day."

Last year, I heard an amazing speaker share a story about her day. She began by telling us her alarm didn't go off at the right time, she had to squeeze the last drop out of her toothpaste, her gas light came on in her car, and then she spilled her coffee on her clothes.

Instead of taking her day as a loss and believing that it was the worst day ever, she turned it all around. She made her thoughts positive. Her alarm didn't go off, but she is blessed because she woke up. Last drop of toothpaste...she is blessed to have teeth to brush! No gas in the car...blessed to have a car and the money to put the gas in it. Coffee on her clothes...clothes to change into are a blessing as well!

I am not perfect and never claim to be, but I am going to make myself try oh so very hard to look at each "blah" as a blessing in disguise.

Today, I count My Blessings and I share them with you...

My Blessings (in no particular order)

*My Husband
*My Family
*My Homes (ugh I have one in FL too, but I am trying to stay positive here)
*Sparks the Wonder Kitty
*My Health
*My Husband's Health
*Having a part-time job
*Florida Friends
*Massachusetts Friends
*Closeness with my Elementary/High School Best Friend
*Warm Socks
*Nieces and Nephews
*My pillow
*Sunny skies
*Hugs from the little ones I work with
*Coastie Chicks
*Having food on the table
*Having a car to drive
*Full head of hair

I know I can go on and on. Isn't that beautiful. I can go on and on about My Blessings! Take a minute. Think about your blessings. I promise, you'll have more than you will ever know what to do with!!!

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Amber said...

LOVING this post. =) Thanks for sharing your smile, Coley!