Sunday, January 2, 2011

Success=saying NO

At church this morning, the Pastor started a sermon series on Success.  It's timely, of course, as we start off a new year.  Most of us have something we want to improve, change, accomplish this year.  One of the things that really hit home with me was when Pastor Ben spoke about determination.  He wasn't speaking necessarily of staying on course, moving forward.  He was talking about the act of determining what is important and what it is that is not going to help you on your course to success.

Then he said the thing that you'll find about successful people is that they have learned the importance of saying NO.  **cue lightbulb moment/halo/angels singing**  He is so absolutely right.  Even more was that he was speaking of Daniel who, after being captured and held by the Babylonians, refused to eat the king's food.  I think I spend so much time telling myself that if I only think positive thoughts, positive words, and just lose that negative word all together, I'm better off.

There is so much truth in the whole sermon, and once it's posted online, I'll try to remember to link it here.  But in all the lists of things we WANT to do this year, I need to develop a list of do NOTS.  I'm not going to hastily jot any down here, but I'll be spending some prayerful time this evening establishing what God has in mind for my success this year.

I am striving to have the mindset to serve Him now.  Enjoy life now.  Love me now.  Not after I lose 10 lbs, not after I wear that dress, not after I fit into that swimsuit.  I am living and breathing NOW, and it's not fair for me to squander that miracle.  

Happy new year to all!  I hope 2011 brings us more followers and lots of progress!  Thank you for following our journey.

Editing to add the link to the sermon, in case anyone is interested.  Success Story:  Daniel, Part 1


One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

Isn't that funny right when you needed hear something like that you here it in the best place yet. I hope you have a great start to 2012.

One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

That very well may be the reason lol I changed the template so we can see if that's it please let me know if it works now here's the link

Thanks for letting me know!!