Monday, January 2, 2012

It's only been a year!

Okay, really, how pathetic is this!?  My last post was 1 year ago.  There is a reason that Coley and I didn't continue our journey together in the past year, but she can cover that.  ;)

A year in review, quickly, found me working outside the home for the first time since before DH joined the Coast Guard.  I joined the worship team at church in the past few months, and have really been finding my way spiritually.  I did lose about 20 pounds, and according to Coley, I look like half the size I was last year.  I don't see that, but I am proud of myself for losing.

Here's my look forward to this year.  I think it's interesting that we named the blog "Why Weight?"  At first I thought of it like, why are we waiting to lose this weight?  Why are we allowing ourselves to be overweight and unhealthy?  I have a much deeper view of "Why Weight?" this year.  In all the things in my life, why does weight hold such a huge place?  My obsession with being unhappy with my physical appearance takes more room in my life than it should, and as a result other areas of my life are losing out on my attention.  I have two sons - they're more important than being unhappy with my lumpy belly.  I have a husband who stands by my side and has been married to be for almost 12 years.  He doesn't obsess about my lumpy belly!

I am making some real changes in my life all together.  I am on Weight Watchers, but it's not about the numbers.  I am honestly more concerned with my health.  I am focused on my spiritual walk with God.  I have accepted the challenge from my pastor to read the Bible in a year.  (We are using YouVersion as a free tool for this - check them out!)

I'm not making the traditional resolutions this year.  I'm not giving up sugar, becoming vegan, avoiding junk food, or any of that.  I am resolved to be satisfied with who I am where I am.  I am resolved to seek God in my life every day and seek His guidance and grace.  I am resolved to treat my body well, and be proud of who I am.  In the process, I do seek to lose weight, but not for a number.  I am on so many medications right now because of my pain level.  I know that if my body is in good shape physically, my pain levels should reduce.

I hope that people that know me see a change in my mindset - a paradigm shift.  I have been on a weight loss journey off and on for 4 years, sharing online.  Right now I'm on a different kind of journey.  Why weight?  Why not life?  Why not love?  Why not health and happiness?  God has all those things for me.  I just have to make the most of each day, and seek Him in the process.

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One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

This is a great post and I love your title it can be taken in many ways so many people can relate to it. Glad your back!!