Monday, November 29, 2010

Catching Up!

There is soooooo much to write about today! Mostly because I haven't blogged since the 15th of this month. Guess that tells you just how motivated I have been, huh? Oh well. Moving on!

A couple weeks ago, a friend introduced me to a Challenge she was doing with some of her friends. "The Balanced Holiday Season Challenge." It looked interested and I love a little competition! I spoke with Amber and *Stacy and they were in! I will blog more about this in another post.

Then, over the weekend, while Ber and I were/are recooperating from a nasty bug, we came up with a fantastic why to also get our husbands involved! They both are thin men (grrrrrr lol), but would like to lose a few pounds. We now have a Couples Winter Challenge going on too! It is going to be great fun, I think!

So, as I am sitting here trying to get rid of this nasty cold/flu thing I have going on, I am also getting all Type A on myself. I have already made my workout schedule for the week, menu for the week, and even a blog schedule!

Oh, and another thing I am tossing around, is joining the meetings again for Weight Watchers. While I love the competition with my friends and family and I know that is going to really help with keeping me on track, I still feel like I need a little more. The truth of the matter is, I have a problem with food. I need all the help I can get. So, why not! I really felt like it was the right move for me, when I signed on to Weight Watchers Chat and found that there is a new program that started today. They have completely revamped it. Hopefully I can make it to a meeting this week to find out more.

I apologize for any typos or errors in this blog. My brain is so fuzzy from being sick and I just don't care to edit at the moment! Thanks for understanding!

*Stacy is a friend of Amber and mine. She is fantastic and we are trying to convince her to blog along with us!

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