Friday, November 19, 2010

"If you don't know where you are going, you'll probably end up somewhere else." ~Lewis Carroll

This past week, I had a goal making session with some friends, and made a poster (which I'll share later).  On this poster, I attached pictures of dresses that I think are particularly lovely, a picture of my goal bathing suit that I ordered 2 years ago in a size that I haven't seen since high school, pictures of lingerie and other encouraging images.  I am a visual person.  I am the person with the calendar posted in the kitchen with various events and something written on almost each day.  I am a list maker.  Setting goals helps me SO much!

I'm not the only person that goal-setting helps.  It has been well established that goal setting can be the difference between success or failure - not only in weight loss, but in life!  Here is a very helpful article from the Mayo Clinic on setting realistic goals.

My goals are:

To be wearing a size 12 pant COMFORTABLY by 12/25/10.
I'm currently wearing a 14.

To weigh less than 200 by 1/15/11 - my anniversary.
I currently am hovering around 215.

To weigh 180 by 4/17/11 - my birthday.
A realistic, yet challenging goal!

Some process goals are:

Make my bed daily.

30 minutes of activity 7 days/week.

Shower and fix my hair every day.

My process goals may seem pathetic.  I don't deny that.  For me, losing the weight is secondary to living a healthy lifestyle.  I've been dealing with depression, and many aspects of my life have fallen by the wayside, hence my including them in my goal making process.

I also have a holiday challenge starting next week, but since it was Coley's idea, I'll let her tell more about it.  ;)

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