Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter Couples Weight Loss Challenge

Team 1 : Ber and Stuart. aka: Peeps and Tapper

Team 2: Cole and Ron. aka: Chips and Marbles

The Challenge breaks down like this....

11/28 Official Weigh In

12/4 Complete 3 laps at on base trail/timed. Each person earns 5 pts for completing the trail. This will be our base line. After that we have named 2 other times that we will completed the laps. It will then be based on time improved for points per person.

2/19 Final Weigh In

We will weigh in weekly. If you lose weight for the week, you gain 5 points into your total! If you gain weight, then you lose 1 point per pound gained!

The winner gets....

Well, since we will all be winners because of choosing to get healthy, we are all going to win! Ber and I decided that we would get all dolled up and head out for a night on the town to see Blue Man Group and have a nice dinner with our men!

However...the team with the least amount of points for the challenge will not be able to drink an alcohol beverage for the evening and they must be the drivers for the evening!

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