Friday, July 13, 2012

Buzzing about Ball Park patties!

Sad reality - I started this blog over a month ago.  Good grief!

I am a BzzAgent - I know I've mentioned it in previous posts.  I get to try new things to see how they taste/work/etc, usually for free, and I just have to report my findings.  This Bzz Campaign already closed, but it's still worth sharing the blog.  

I got the BzzKit for the BallPark Beef Patties near Memorial Day.  Yeah, like 2 holidays ago.  I was excited because I got to get enough hamburger patties for my family to eat for just the cost of buns and chips.  At first, we couldn't find a local store that carried them, as they were a brand new item, but we finally found 'em, right next to the Bubba Burgers.  
The nice thing about these is that they are fully cooked, so if you don't want to heat up the grill, you can pop them in the microwave for about a minute, and baddabing, you're set.  The not so great thing about doing them in the microwave is that they are a little greasy.  Okay, a lot greasy.  In a Foreman Grill or on the grill out back, that grease would be able to drip off, but on a plate, you don't have that luxury.  I did put my patty on a paper towel to absorb the grease before I fixed my burger.

And what a burger it was!  The size of the patty was generous and thick, and it tasted edible.  Not fantastic, but not like those "hamburgers" we used to have in elementary school that tasted like pink slime cardboard mystery meat.  My boys all liked them.  

At 6 Pt+/patty, it's not quite worth the convenience for me to eat them while I'm doing WW.  I didn't expect my husband to like them at all, but we've since purchased more of the patties.  

I guess it's true what they say - Men: Easier fed than understood.  ;)

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