Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project Refashion 52 - Week 1

As I mentioned, I am inspired by the Refashionista.  I decided to refashion one ill-fitting or outdated garment each week to wear.  Week one coincided with the Fourth of July.  Two summers ago on July fourth, I wore this shirt.  It is now too large for me (yaay!) but it is quite festive for the 4th.  Okay, whatever... it was the first no-sew refashion I thought of when I was digging through my tub of clothes that don't fit properly.

I found a great pin (that now I can't locate with a good link - grrr) that showed how to make a tee shirt into a halter top.  It just involved a few snips here and there, and it was done.  I also made a tee shirt into a fringed scarf, using this tutorial.  

This is early in my crafty process, so don't be frustrated with my lack of step-by-step pictures.  Here's a picture of the piece I cut out of the back of my tee shirt to make it a halter, though.  I know, I fail.  :-/

I DIDN'T fail at the finished product, though!  The scarf and top worked great, and I wore a tank top underneath for modesty's sake - we were going to a cookout with friends from church, and I didn't want to be displaying too much skin.

I'm late posting this blog, so I'll be posting Week 2's project in the next couple days that I wore to church this morning.  I am so excited to be actually reusing clothes that I thought were gone for good!  


Jessica said...

Good job! What a fun project!

SuperMom said...

Really cute! You are inspiring me! I've had the crafty bug lately and you aren't helping. I've been knitting, now I need to start sewing. And I love your hair! It's getting so long!