Monday, July 16, 2012

Project Refashion 52 - Week 2

Okay, so I just posted Week 1 yesterday, but these projects WERE done on 2 separate weeks.  The creation I did this past week I actually wore to church on Sunday morning, and I got really nice compliments on it (even from a tres chic teenager, which is always nice when you're an old fart like me).

This dress originally was purchased when I first got to the Cape, so just over 2 years ago.  The hubby had been away with the Coast Guard and I wanted to surprise him with a fancy frock (and cleavage, let's face it) when he got home.  I don't know why I bought it when it was clearly too long, and I'm pretty sure it didn't fit that well, because I was much more unhealthy then and had at least 30 more pounds on my frame than I do now.  Regardless, I wore it, he loved it (cleavage, I'm tellin' ya), and it became part of my toss it pile in recent days, as I was weeding out things I didn't wear anymore.

I needed another no-sew change, and at first I considered that I could just make the dress a little shorter.  I could have, but the pleating right under the bustline would have made a knee skimming dress potentially unflattering, especially since my tummy is my problem area.  Also, I wanted to wear it to sing with the worship team, and my headphones make it hard to wear a dress.  (It's complicated, but I have a connector for my headphone jack that is very heavy, so it's most convenient if I put it in a pocket, so I generally wear jeans, or I wear a jacket or cardigan with pockets if I'm wearing a dress.  Now those of you that come to church are going to pay close attention to what I'm wearing on the Sundays I sing.  LOL.)

I opted to make the dress into a top.  The fabric did not fray, so I was able to leave a raw edge and not fight with hemming it.  I did wear a white tank underneath and an orange cardigan on top to be more modest for church, but I am so excited about my new top!  All I did to fashion this one was to spread the dress out on the table and use a tee shirt as a guide for the fitting.  I wanted it a little longer than the tee shirt, so I added on a couple of inches.

I am very happy with this refashion, and I have no idea what I am going to do for Week 3.  I should probably utilize the sewing machine, but I am looking forward to some assistance from a couple of girls I know in making a custom dress form.  I think it will help me greatly in the future.


Mary said...

I love it! It is so flattering as a top! Just absolutely adorable.

SuperMom said...

Amber, I LOVE this! And I have to say, you look amazing!

Jessica said...

Love it!

Hilary said...

Amber, I love this!