Friday, July 13, 2012

Passion for Refashion!

In all my time sitting on the sofa or in bed, attempting to heal but accomplishing more moping than anything, I have spent a good hunk of time on Pinterest.  Face it, Pinterest lets us all feel like we CAN accomplish those things, regardless of whether we've actually ever tied a bow, owned a paintbrush, baked a cake, etc.

Since I'm not much for recipes, I like dreaming about the craftier side of things.  One problem i have with crafts is that a lot of them are just plain expensive.  I cannot afford to go start from scratch and decide to get a bunch of scrapbooking stuff.  (And small pieces make my skin crawl, hence why the hubby helps the kids with Legos, not me.)

Then I saw her.  It was like one of those moments in the movies with two people running through the meadow to embrace one another in a slow motion, dizzying, awkward hug spin thing.  You know, the sun was peeking through the clouds, an "ah-ha!" moment was had, all that stuff.  I mean, how could you NOT want to follow the fashion advice and expertise of someone looking THIS HOT?!

Before you think I've lost my marbles, that's the before pic.  She refashioned a garment each day from cast away seconds from stores, $1/lb finds at her local Goodwill (or G.W. as my family has called it for well over 15 years), and sometimes pillowcases and other randomness.  Many a shoulder pad has been sacrificed in her Refashionista project.

She inspired me.  The thing is, I have lots of clothes here that are too big, or I've held onto for too long and they're really not current anymore.  I'm a pro at swimming through racks at the Salvation Army and finding fabulous things - but to be able to go and find AWFUL things and make them fabulous?  That's downright empowering, folks.

I'm not crazy enough to jump into a 365 project just yet.  I am, however, going to try to do one garment/outfit a week for 52 weeks.  I did a really cute something for July 4 that I can't wait to share.

This will hopefully feed my shopping habit that I'm not able to do anymore since I'm not working, as well as utilize a sewing machine I haven't used in ages, and give me a project to work on to have some "me" time.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what on EARTH she did with that housedress, here's her finished project from day 365:

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