Monday, October 11, 2010

The weekend, thoughts, checking in...

Wow, did I have an amazing weekend!  There was no school this past Friday, so we took the kids to "the knob" for some hiking and a picnic.  My first super PROUD moment in my WL journey is that I opted to bring a salad instead of using bread for a sandwich!  Yay for me!  We did lots of hiking there and then moved on to a local hiking trail to hike some more.  It was a beautiful day and so nice to be enjoying the Cape in the fall.  I will also admit that it was somewhat discouraging.  It's hard to know that I let myself gain so much.  I was moving slowly after a while, and it was honestly hard to keep up with my guys.

Enjoying my salad on the beach

On Saturday, after a nice morning walk with my Cole, we took BEFORE pictures.  Dun dun dunnnnnnn...  Wow.  I don't know that I'm ready to share mine yet.  Maybe after I have made some progress.  Later in the day, my family loaded up and went to a local beach to play in the tide pools.  It was such fun to explore, to hear the amazement in my boys' voices, to get to teach them some things.  We had spaghetti for dinner on Saturday, and again I passed the bread up.  I'm telling you, this is HUGE for me!  By Saturday night, my fibromyalgia was letting me know that I had overdone things, and I had to take some pain medication to sleep.

Can't hide from the reality of a picture

Yesterday I started feeling the effects of a few days' good eating habits.  My appetite has decreased drastically.

I told Nicole the other day that I won't be logging onto Facebook chat until I've done at least 30 minutes of exercise.  I have to get moving and make a habit of it!

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