Friday, October 29, 2010

Where you at?

Well, I am right here....

Enjoying cupcakes, pizza, cheese, biscuits, and butter!


Oh, well because I am in limbo.



When are you planning on getting out of this "limbo?"




No, hopefully.

Why this time?

I decided to learn more about my PCOS and in doing so, I have learned I am eating the wrong foods.

You mean cupcakes and pizza are wrong?

Yup! Who knew? ha ha

The good news is that I am now reading more about my PCOS. I was diagnosed in May and have had too many things going on to even really take some time and learn more about it. Now I am. I am taking the time to learn what I need to be eating, doing, and not doing to take care of myself and my body. Small steps, I know. But I still feel like I am making positive life choices. It will soon begin to trickle into positive diet choices. For now...I will settle for life choices that are positive.

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Jennifer said...

Hey ladies. I just happened upon your blog! I should be doing this. I started mine in word, but have yet to publish. We are doing a MAJOR overhaul at my house, mostly precedented by my health issues and the kids behavior issues--we are going to go as natural as possible. If you know me, and Amber you do, it's a long road for me, giving up soda and sweets is so hard for me.

Anyway, you may or may not have heard of it, but I chose to follow the Eat Clean method (also known as the diet, but it's so much more than diet). I have two cookbooks which are phenomenal and her Recharged book. I highly recommend it. I'm 11 days in (no exercise) and I'm down 9 lbs.

Good luck with your journeys ladies. I'll be chugging along with you on a path to a healthier me!