Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Progress - and weigh in!

Good morning!

Weigh in this morning was a little nerve wracking.  I made my handsome hubby look at the scale for me.  I just couldn't do it.  I knew with my flare up I'd had to spend a lot more time lying in bed than I otherwise would.  Plus, let's not forget losing my mind and eating a week's worth of Flex Points in one day at the beginning of the week.  I was just hoping to be the same as last week, or maybe gaining only a pound.

I'm actually down a half pound!  190.5!  I'll take it, for real.

Here's what my thermometer looks like.  Take a good, hard look:

Yeah, buddy!  That says I'm officially 30% of the way to my goal!  I'm still trying to decide about rewards.  I was thinking to do something correlating to the percentage of progress, but I just realized that's only a few pounds at a time.  I'll have to talk to the hubby and see if he has thoughts. 

Thanks for the support!  And leave us comments so we know you're with us!  <3


vreviea said...

Im with ya girlie...love your blog...I have lost 20lbs since Jan 1...Keep up the good work...with God all things are possible!

Anonymous said...

YEAH you!! I love your thermometer! :) Keep up the good work, you totally inspire me!

Mary said...

Love the thermometer idea. Might have to make my own to keep me motivated!

Coley Loree said...

You've got this! Keep your focus and remember...this isn't something that can be accomplished over night. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments! 30%!!! HOLLA!!!!!!