Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weight Loss Rewards (Update)

Progress is being made in my neck of the woods and I needed to take a few seconds to update myRewards List.

At 5 pounds, I did download 5 new songs from iTunes.  I made sure to get ones that were useful in my workout.  No ballads for this girl!  I need all the help I can get to keep myself going at a decent pace!

At 10 pounds, I was supposed to add The Hunger Games triology to my Kindle.  Well, I got side tracked one evening on a trip to Charming Charlie with Ber.  No big deal at all!  I just traded my book for a fancy new hat!  Don't you just love it!!!!!????!!!!!

Today, I am at my 15 pound goal.  I have been waiting for this one!  Finally, I can order my iPod Nano Watch!  Originally, I was going with pink, but the more I have been looking at them, the more I am drawn to the blue!  So, I have put my order in for the Blue iPod Nano Watch!

The 20 pound reward will remain the same.  I cannot wait to get my Mommy Charm!

My 25 pound weight loss reward (and 10% of body weight gone) is going to have to change because I was so graciously awarded a FREE 1 Year Subscription to the magazine!    I have been thinking long and hard about this one and have come up with nothing!  Suggestions are welcomed!  

The 30 pound reward will remain the same as well.  I love my Willow Tree Figurines!

Once I hit my 10%, I will add more rewards.  Until then, I have some time to think, plan, and window shop.

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One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

Maybe a new purse, a pedi/mani,a new pair of shoes, or pants because your gonna need some losing 25 lbs? lol. Idk depends on what you like...