Saturday, February 11, 2012

Running For Sherry

I never knew Sherry.  I am not a friend of the family.  I am just someone who stumbled across her cousin's blog one day.  After reading Sherry's story, I knew I wanted to participate in this virtual run.

Sherry was a mom, a wife, school teacher, and a runner in Montana.  She had gone running early Saturday morning (Jan. 7th) and never returned.  Her body has not been found, but there have been 2 arrests in the case. She was abducted just 1 mile from her home.   

My heart breaks for this family.  To not only have someone they loved so much be taken away, but to not be able to say their good-byes or have her rest in just doesn't seem fair.    

Today I took to the road in Sherry's honor.  It was with pride and a heavy heart that I said a prayer for her family and for her as I began my wog.  I pray that someone someday gives the FBI the information that is needed to not only put these 2 men away for a very long time, but to find Sherry.  I pray that her family is able to hold onto the wonderful memories that were created with Sherry.  I pray for her friends to be able to do the same.  I pray that Sherry did not suffer.  I pray that her family finds peace someday.  I pray for everyone who has had someone abducted in their lives.  I pray for Sherry.      

Rest In Peace, Sherry.  

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