Friday, February 3, 2012

Weight Watch Us

Weight watch us indeed!  Tonight was our get together for the little Weight Watchers group we have on base.  Gosh, I love these girls!  I am so blessed to have them all in my life.  I am getting to know this wonderful group of women on a very personal level.  Weight loss is a hard topic to chat about, if you are being 100% honest with not just others, but yourself.  I would like to say we attack it with grace, but not this group!  We attack it with humor!!!!  Of course we have our serious moments, but most of all, we laugh! 

A couple ladies and myself made some great snacks that we all point friendly!  As soon as I have the recipes, I will post them!  Trust me, you are going to want to try them out!  We had Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip (I made this) with celery (my new favorite snack), Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites, Angel Food Cake Strawberry Shortcake, and Nuetlla Cheesecake!  All of these were under 4 points+.  I know.  I know.  This is just too much to handle!  I promise, recipes will come!!!!

The evening wasn't about food though....remember those days....  It was about checking in, sharing our struggles, non scale victories, goals for the next week, and overall support.  

Being the teacher that I will forever be, we started the evening off with a quiz!  HAHA Ok, it was more of a trivia game, but they still had to number their papers!  See if you can answer these questions I found on a Health Food Quiz by Dr. Oz....

1.  One large soda can clock in at this many calories:  250, 400, or 500? 

2.  Fat free or zero trans fats food are good choices for weight loss.  True or False?

3.  Which is a better indicator of your health?  Waist size or Weight

4.  Which is a low calorie drink that is a great source of antioxidants, in addition to helping fight cravings?  Decaf Coffee, Diet Soda, or Carbonated Water

5.  People who do this are more likely to lose weight and keep it off: 
Journal, Weigh themselves frequently, eat fat free foods, or journal and weigh frequently

6.  While all exercise is good for you, this will help control the amount of food you are likely to eat:
Sex, Yoga, Sprints, or Weight Training

The winner, who was my neighbor, won a Hungry Girl Cookbook!  

The evening was great, as usual.  Here are a few pictures of the yummies that were made and Ms. Amber.  I took a few others, but in respect of the others' privacy, I'll just share the food they made!  

Watch for the recipes and an upcoming blog Amber and I are co-writing!  

1. 500
2. False
3. Waist Size
4. Decaf Coffee
5. Journal and Weigh
6. Sex

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