Thursday, January 12, 2012

Book Recommendation/Self Challenge

I am reading "The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women." I read it last year while I was (hoping) to train for a marathon with my bestest, Diana. Instead of doing the marathon, I got pregnant with twins! I am pretty sure that training and running the marathon would have been harder than carrying my boys and giving birth, but I could be wrong!

Dawn Dais writes about her training for a marathon. The book is hilarious and educational...if you can even imagine! She truly touches every aspect of training. I love that she has devoted herself to this goal, but hates running! Dawn never hides that and shares plenty of antidotes as to why.

Also provided is a 20 week training schedule for a half marathon or, if you really got some crazy in ya, a full marathon. The schedules are then broken down into methods; run/walk or run.

I am following the run walk plan as of right now. It kind of worked out better than I ever could have planned. 20 weeks from when I started will be May 28th. I am planning on participating in Boston's Run to Remember, which takes place the weekend of May 26th/27th. They have a 5 Miler and a half marathon. I have some time to decide which I am going to do. My first thought was the 5 Miler, but there is this little part of me that wants to complete 13.1 miles. That wants to challenge myself and see what I can accomplish. The problem here is, if you do not finish the first 2 miles in 28 minutes or less, they divert you to the 5 mile course!

April 15th is the next registration deadline before the price goes up again. I'll just see how the training is going and see my time on 2 miles before I register. Either way is a good start to a self challenge.

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