Saturday, January 21, 2012

Success Can Be Measured In Many Different Ways

To you, the picture above probably looks like a simple hair band.  Used to, of course, pull one's hair back.  It has that stretchy quality that allows it to go around nice thick hair a few times or thinner hair a handful of times.  It can hold a pack of note cards together, keep a poster rolled up, or even mark your water bottle at the gym.

Most recently this little gem has been used to expand my jeans.  GASP!  This very one has been on said pair of jeans for, gosh, I want to say at least a  year, maybe more!  Why?  Well, I like the jeans, they are just too darn tight...

I should say, were too darn tight!  As of this morning, I had a little non scale victory!  I put my jeans on.  I felt the difference.  I felt a little more room in the thighs.  I felt even more room in my pooch area.  To my amazement, they zipped right on up.  No sucking it in!  Then, to my extreme astonishment, they buttoned.  THEY BUTTONED!!!!!!

I ran out of the bedroom, down the hall, into the kitchen, and then back to the boys' room where I found my hubby.  I lifted my shirt and shared the news!  Holy Cow!  I am making progress!  

In all my excitement, I grabbed a pair of scissors, looked at all my boys and promised, "I will never again need this jean loosener.  I will never again put an elastic into the button hole to make a pair of pants fit.  This is my promise!"  Then snip!  I cut that bad boy!  

If may seem trivial, but this was/is a very important and monumental moment for me.  It is my first accomplishment on this journey.  It feels so good to know that success doesn't always have to be measured by numbers.


Chrissy said...


This, in my opinion, is WAY better than the number on the scale going down!

One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

I agree with chrissy MAJOR NSV!!!! great job!!