Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A (Successful) Night Out

Just what this Mama needed ~ An evening out with friends, laughing myself silly, playing Bunko, losing Bunko, and only worrying about food for about 5 minutes!  

Tonight was the monthly Bunko group for the Coast Guard wives.  I haven't been since I was a very pregnant lady, so I was looking forward to seeing everyone and getting my game on!

The evening began as it usually does; a bunch of women standing around cackling!  HAHA  It was 80's themed and I have to say, not very many people dressed up.  Ivy and I did (of course) and that is all that matters!  I'd never miss a chance to doll up, especially 80's style!

I planned well for the evening.  I saved my points so I could enjoy a few of the items I brought to snack on and a few that my friend, Jenna, was bringing (bacon wrapped pretzels!!!!!!!!!!!).  I had 3 of my Sausage Stars and 2 of Jenna's Pieces of Heaven (as I am referring to them now).  That would be 6 points for mine and I am going to go ahead and figure 6 points for hers too.  I made sure to not hang out around the food table.  

Another thing I made sure to do was to bring along my own drink.  Once again, Pinterest to the rescue!  I quickly threw together Hungry Girl's Oh-So-Mocha-Coco Swappuccino.  This drink was oh so yumo!  If I didn't have a few gift cards to Starbucks to use, I'd be less likely to go there with this drink! 

I guess my "losing" is catching on, because last night I lost 18 games of Bunko out of 25!  HAHA  That's ok with me though, I got my $5.00 entry fee back and had a great night of fun for free!  

I did not go over my points. I did not need to use my Weekly 49 either.  All in all a very 
 good night.

Special thanks to my girls, Crystal and Jenna, for the giggles!  

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