Friday, January 13, 2012


I actually got to spend some time with my Coley and her sweet boys this week, and she gave me my own copy of her thermometer.  I'm excited to have this on my fridge, as well, and the magnet I found to hold it is quite appropriate, I think.

To update on my spiritual journey, I am doing well with the daily reading through YouVersion.  I cannot tell you how much more convenient it is to follow the plan from my iPhone.  I know that if I had to depend on myself to grab my physical Bible each day, I would not be doing as well with the reading plan.  That is a shame, but I am just thankful that God created brilliant people who enable us to seek Him.  On the reading plan I have a thermometer as well, or at least a gauge to show my progress.

I have said it before, and I will reiterate this: I am not in a competition with myself for the numbers on the scale.  Wellness is SO much more than that.  I think that's why it feels so different right now.  My mindset has changed in many ways.  I do have old habits that are hard to break (like looking at the stupid scale every day), but in general, I am really proud of myself and sticking with it.

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