Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weigh In Day/Week In Review

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers!  I finally found a few seconds to give an update on today's weigh in and fill you in on how my week went; all while enjoying a nice cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate.  

I wasn't exactly looking forward to weigh in today, truth be told.  Why?  Well, I have that visitor that women get every month.  Grrrrr.  I prepared myself for the worst and took a nice deep breath as I stepped on the scale.  As long as that sweet little machine didn't go up, I could handle it.

To my surprise, it read 247.  That is a loss for the week of 1.6 pounds and a grand total of 7.1 pounds.  Ok, so it isn't grand GRAND, but it is grand to me! 

Also grand to me, is the fact that I worked out just like I had planned for the week!  I missed one day, but made it up on the following day by doing double.  

Today I worked on a few new recipes (I have a boat load to post...sorry!) and enjoyed time with the family.  I am really feeling like I have more energy already, even with waking up a couple times a night with the boys.  My mornings are full of "get up and go" and "what's next on my agenda."  I haven't felt that in a long time.  Weight Watchers is teaching me not just about food, but how life is so much more than an oreo (who knew) or slice of gooey, cheesy, greasy pizza (gasp)!  

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