Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Move It To Lose It

I haven't watched Biggest Loser in quite some time, but last night there was nothing on and I found myself glued to the program. This was the beginning of the season. One of my favorite episodes. I enjoy hearing about their families and I even like hearing their excuses. Heck, half of them are the same ones I have been saying since I was probably 20 years old. As of right now, I don't have a stand out favorite player. I will eventually develop a favorite player and a least favorite...that is inevitable.

During the first training session, Dolvett (second season trainer of the Red Team), shouted to his team, "Move it to lose it!" I have heard "move it or lose it," but never the before mentioned. It hit home. I mean, really hit home!

The biggest reason I am working on losing weight is to get healthy and to be able to keep up with my boys when they are crawling and running around. I want to set an example that is positive for them. I want them to learn that while food is something we can all enjoy, it is primarily for fuel to keep our bodies moving and strong.

How obvious! Move it to lose it. I have not managed to actually exercise....yet! I feel like I never stop all day though. I don't actually get to sit down or take a break until hubby gets home and even then, I am busy making dinner and getting ready for the boys' night time routines. I have to figure out how I am going to move it to lose it. I am hoping that I can start to get up early (before the boys do) and get in a work out. I have one that is sorta sleeping through the night and one that just won't even give up that middle of the night feeding.

Oh poo...I just made an excuse for myself! OK. Enough of that! Tomorrow I plan on getting up before the boys do (or after I give Elijah his early feeding) and getting a workout in. There. I said it and so it shall be!


One Chicks Journey On Weight Watchers said...

You will do great just don't over work yourself. Also just checking in are you joint the challenge or just following? Just asking because the first post is due fri-sun and the link up is on the page. Just let me know. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

If you get into the habit of getting your core workout in whenever your baby is napping, you’ll soon see drastic results. Here are three exercises you can do during that nap time that will supercharge your day and leave you feeling and looking your best.