Thursday, January 19, 2012

Breaking the Habit

I just can't seem to stop weighing myself daily.  It is so frustrating!  Mostly because I don't want to do it!  Sometimes because I don't see a change in the scale or if I do it isn't one I like!  I want to feel that (happy) surprise when I weigh in on Sunday, but that evil machine calls my name every morning! This week is shot!  I had a goal and I failed at it.  Booo!  I will commit to not weighing for the rest of the week.  I hope I can do it.  I am hoping for a loss and a wonderful surprise on Sunday.  Give me strength!

Anyone have good tips for not weighing daily?  I about getting very close to having hubby hide the scale!


Leah said...

You're just going to have to use the same will power you're using on a daily basis for your food choices to resist the scale. :) It's very hard to do -- and I know because I'm a now reformed former daily weigher.

For every day, non-WW life, daily weighing is okay, I think. It helps you keep your eating in check if you notice the number going up. But for WW, you need to know the real weekly number to be successful.

Treat it like a big surprise you're building up to all week!

Chrissy said...

I am a daily weigher. Sometimes more than once. ;/

Since I now have actual weight to lose and it's not just me being obsessive (like when I was skinny and thought I was fat) I've refuse to accept my number until weigh-in day. That day, whatever the scale says is the law.

I do keep telling myself though that I'll stop stepping on everyday. We'll see if that ever happens.